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MuuMap is an IT system which provides complex support for all processes and operations in the field of milk transport logistics.

Functionalities of MuuMAp System


Managing transport resources

MuuMap provides support for managing vehicle fleets and transport personnel. The system allows its users to edit maps, supplement them with new roads, and mark temporarily unavailable routes, as well as enter data about the locations of suppliers’ locations and their milk volume. The fleet management module allows the identification of vehicle capacity, the number of compartments, and the option of attaching trailers. Next, the information is used for optimizing and planning milk collection. MuuMap also offers a vehicle registries and facilitates periodic settlements of the costs of fleet maintenance.


The navigation system

MuuMap allows the full use of the GPS technology in rural areas not included in standard navigation systems. Thanks to the complete integration of the planning process with the navigation module the driver obtains precise guidelines as to where the subsequent milk collection points are. MuuMap sends the most efficient routes installed in the tank trucks to tablets together with continually updated task lists.

Monitoring and transport control

The system gives full control over the realization of the milk collection process. MuuMap traces the location of the vehicle fleet in real time. The integration with tank truck onboard computers allows the system to receive information about the condition of the vehicle fleet, especially about failures, and to notify the dispatcher about unplanned stops or delays. Constant analysis of road conditions makes it possible for the system to dynamically adjust the collection plan and to optimize the routes anew for all vehicles on the road.

Planning and optimization

MuuMap facilitates the organization of milk collection, accounting for the drivers’ multishift work system, time windows for milk collection in particular farms, and many other factors. The system automatically optimizes the routes of tank trucks, guaranteeing timely realization of the plan and minimizing fuel consumption.

The benefits of the implementation of the MuuMAp System

Opinion about MuuMAp System

The MuuMap system with the transport management module has been implemented in all plants of the Mlekpol group since Septemeber, 2013. It assists the work of about 150 milk collecting vehicles. The system has allowed us to shorten the induction training time for new drivers to virtually one day and to reduce the total route length of the fleet vehicles by 16% – that means about 900,000 km a year. The MuuMap system has also enabled us to increase the control of and to improve collection, especially as regards delegating tasks to particular vehicles.

Edmund Borawski

Chairman SM Mlekpol

We are entirely convinced that the software offering such functionalities as MuuMap system responds to current trends of innovative methods of foodstuffs production. Particularly in the context of minimizing fuel consumption and overall costs of transport.

Michał Maciorowski

Doehler Group





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